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Usaf Warns Airmen Against Discussing Politics About Social Media

Posted by Thomas on February 29, 2016
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HILL AIR FORCE BASE — In a year that may undoubtedly become headlined by politics the two national and local, the Air Force is warning airmen to watch what they state and how it is said it.

With all the 2016 presidential election simply nine months away, air Force released an educational video a week ago, reminding airmen of Department of Security regulations on discussing national politics on social media marketing.

In the video, Tech. Sgt. Holly Roberts-Davis cites the long-established DoD directive that prohibits active-duty military users from directly participating in fid¨¨le political activities, but consists of updates since the policy relates to social media.

Things such as campaigning for any candidate, taking donations to a particular campaign and even within the military standard to a partisan political celebration have long been outlawed by the military, Roberts-Davis says in the video clip. But modern world ways of interacting have prolonged those same concepts to the online world.

Roberts-Davis says active-duty armed service members are generally allowed to convey political views on social media platforms, but there are many important tricks.

If that social media site, or your post identifies an individual as about active-duty… then you certainly must obviously and plainly state that typically the views expressed are those regarding you as a possible individual simply and not those of the Division of Security or your services, Roberts-Davis says.

But the DoD regulation requires active-duty services members to go beyond clearly identifying personal opinions plus thoughts concerning politics.

Service members are certainly not allowed to post or connect to a specific politics party, candidate or cause, because within the eyes of the DoD, individuals activities are exactly the same as disseminating literature on their behalf. Active-duty users also are unable to post, touch upon or share the social media marketing pages regarding candidates or even partisan political organizations since, as Roberts-Davis puts it, these kinds of activity will be engaging in fid¨¨le political action through a moderate sponsored or controlled by simply those organizations.

In a statement sent to the particular Standard-Examiner, Mountain Air Force Foundation spokesman Rich Essary mentioned Hill airmen are encouraged to fulfill their social obligation to vote, in order to prevent the implication regarding Air Force assistance, they are forbidden from engaged in partisan national politics.

This year arr¨ºters will pick a new president, along with other government, state and local candidates, Essary said within the statement. The Department of Defense has a longstanding and well-defined coverage regarding political campaigns and elections to avoid the perception of DoD sponsorship, approval or recommendation of any political applicant, campaign or cause.

The particular DoDs regulations are led mostly by the Hatch Take action, a federal legislation passed within 1939 reducing certain forms of political activity among armed service members along with other federal staff. The US Office of Unique Counsel offered updated advice to the take action regarding social networking activity in 2012 and again in late 2015.

According to a Jan. 7 article showcased on the US Armys web page written by Armed service voting assistance officer Keith D. Wilbur, the minimal penalty for any service associate found to get violating typically the Hatch Take action is a 30-day suspension without pay. The maximum penalty is dismissal.

Essary said airmen at Mountain who have concerns about what is permitted regarding political action should get in touch with their product judge advocate or their particular federal voting officer.


Another Group Filing A Primary Triumph: Campaign Finance Reformers

Posted by Thomas on February 28, 2016
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Activists regarding campaign financial reform noticed Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary results as proof that a lot of working to sparkle a light issues issue is starting to pay back.

A local change group, the newest Hampshire Rebellion, has hounded candidates and marched numerous miles across the state within the last two years “to make big bucks corruption the particular defining concern of the 2016 presidential major, ” the group wrote within a press release within the hours following the election. “Today, we met our objective. ”

Granitic State voters elected the loudest tone in each and every party around the issue of campaign financial reform, helping as evidence to the activists’ claim that money in politics — frequently another issue — will have better prominence now.

Every Voice, a similar group with a countrywide scope, stated that “every president candidate should take notice” of the New Hampshire results.

“Bernie Sanders in addition to Donald Overcome – 2 candidates considered once long pictures – happen to be propelled by voters that will value their particular claims of being unbought and unbeholden to big money, inches Press Secretary Laura Friedenbach said within a press release.



Posted by Thomas on February 27, 2016

Even though the writing paused, the world of politics and physical violence continued unconstrained by deadlines and wintertime breaks. So , what possess we skipped? Iran’s sanctions were elevated, Iran acquired new sanctions, Istanbul plus Kabul suffered bombings, Portugal is starting up business within Iran, the Americas are being terrified from the Zika disease and Europe had a college shooting. Therefore which one of those are all of us going to discuss? None. Rather, I would like to consider a broader look at the environment of terrorism and how we strike a balance between safe neighborhoods and municipal liberties.

It had been Benjamin Franklin that said, “Those who would stop trying essential Freedom, to purchase just a little temporary Protection, deserve none Liberty or Safety. ” Of course , this individual didn’t are now living in the age of substantial international terrorist attacks, yet he performed experience war on American soil. Surely experience unsafe is not really a modern creation. As technological innovation and horror develop new ways to make world citizens feel insecure, governments and civilians scramble to redefine what exactly is acceptable with the intention of security. In most cases, we take typically the stance of which almost anything will be tolerated as long as we how to start about it.

Even though we may detest the Colonel in A Few Very good Men,  we can’t assist but notice some common sense in what he admits that. When he arrogantly sneers in addition to tells typically the courtroom and audience that he is required “on that wall, ” he or she represents typically the ambiguous area between precisely what is necessary and exactly what is right. He is intolerable while he breaks typically the contract between the public as well as the protectors: the particular agreement regarding ignorance, exactly where anything will be acceptable as long as we can’t say for sure the unclean details. Regarding while some may commend Snowden for blowing the whistle, we may want everyone to be whistle blowers; almost all of the time we want silence. Nevertheless , sometimes we are forced to play a part in the selections that keep us secure or violate the legal rights of others.

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Putting The People Back In Politics

Posted by Thomas on February 27, 2016
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Within our recent Bridging Differences dialogue in Education and learning Week, Deborah Meier points out that colleges are best places for folks to learn how you can engage in debate, especially if they are diverse in race plus ethnic historical past.

Id add partisanship. In most of education, Anti democrates are the additional. And for all of the gestures toward weighing regarding evidence as well as the importance of different ideas, the particular politics regarding educators (especially in larger education) is often highly moralized, dividing the planet between the righteous and the swear word, the latter usually described as uninformed bigots. Of course this is part of a larger pattern too.

Today people think national politics is a kind of warfare, funded with the superrich, spinning around parties, politicians, in addition to professionals as detached experts. Citizens need to reclaim governmental policies as the method to negotiate variations to get something done and work out how you can live together. This was politics descending from the Greeks, turning around the individuals in their role as residents. I like Wynton Marsalis information of democracy as like jazz, in Ken Burns Jazz: a disagreement with the intentions of work some thing out. It is usually a description of citizen-centered governmental policies.

How can we introduce children to person politics as well as skills within our divided in addition to demonizing globe? And how may schools in addition to classrooms become free places, sites regarding political schooling that creates democratic routines and democracy as a way of life?

One technique is educating and distributing what are known as deliberative practices. There is a growing movement to show deliberation and its political skills- learning to awesome the heat, pay attention to other people with various perspectives, plus incorporate diverse ideas in public places judgment not only private thoughts and opinions. The Kettering Foundation as well as the National Concerns Forums are actually leaders in this article. A future study simply by Stacey Molnar Main indicates striking increases in both teacher and college student civic pursuits and abilities among those that use deliberation.

At the Sabo Center regarding Democracy plus Citizenship from Augsburg College, Dennis Donovan and Elaine Eschenbacher have been training students to modest deliberative discussion posts and also to arrange such discussion posts in neighborhoods.

A third example: Diana Hess and Paula McAvoy possess a new guide, The Politics Classroom, which shows that numerous teachers, your most adepte, are eager for students to listen to radically different viewpoints. Teachers also knowledge pressure to clean any controversy from their programs, so they want support in enacting this. Diana Hess may be the dean from the school regarding education in UW-Madison.

In my experience, low revenue and group students often deliberate more accurately than upper middle school professionals. Two recent encounters illustrate.

The very first was a discussion board on the musical legacy of captivity several weeks in the past that engaged about 45 people. Virtually all were top middle course professionals coming from Minneapolis plus St . Robert. Person after person got the floor to denounce typically the racism they will perceived amongst working class supporters regarding Donald Overcome and other Conservatives and assert their own not enough prejudice. Were all of the similar view within this room, many said. I then dissented firmly, describing our organizing days and nights in a bad white generator community inside Durham, on assignment from Martin Luther King. The movement leaders who mentored me couldnt divide the planet into great guys vs evil doers.

Therefore i disagreed with the faculty as well as others at Duke who derided the people I used to be working with because racist rednecks. Like everybody, people in the neighborhood were intricate and certainly had a few prejudices. When they received organized these people made many more connections using the black neighborhoods in Durham than performed faculty.

Ever since our community organizing days Ive been distrustful of the politics around white skin freedom. Its not necessarily because I actually dont care about prejudices – Im pleased for prophetic voices such as Black Lives Matter which often shine typically the spotlight upon racial injustices. But the national politics of what is called white-colored privilege strikes me as a key approach that specialists mark their class variations from operating class whites. This is ideological politics, revolving around professionals, not resident politics.

As well as not a way to deal efficiently with misjudgment.

Another tale was a forum that an Open public Achievement group in a mostly African American senior high school, Fairview School, organized on gun physical violence. They invited four community members, including a white policeman. About seventy people were right now there. The discussion swiftly turned to racism, and it was a striking contrast with the community forum on the heritage of captivity.

Students had been mainly refined, not self-righteous. They observed prejudices within themselves in addition to within the black community, plus the existence of several different kinds of bias. And they reacted enthusiastically to my story of community managing among weak whites in the 1960s and 1972s.

Today all of us hear lots of righteous unsupported claims but not many stories regarding down to earth citizen politics — civic organizing — to check prophetic claims. Denunciations of racism — or any additional major problem — without home town organizing are just like one hand clapping.

I see a strong appetite regarding citizen politics among teenagers today. Thus Meiers issue, how can colleges be internet sites of personal education? is very timely.

Identity add, we have to put the individuals back in politics.


Dad Tried ‘everything He Could’ To Save Family Members Killed Internally Fire

Posted by Thomas on February 26, 2016
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A man whose wife and twins were murdered in a home fire says he or she tried everything he could in order to save them.

Brent Patterson says he and his wife, Kathy, were putting their 9- and 11-year-old daughters in order to bed at their home on Pointer Ridge in Gwinnett County Wednesday night if he heard a new popping sound.

He went downstairs to check it out, plus was pushed out of the house with the flames. He admits that he shouted up to his wife and daughters, Madelyn and Kayla, to get out of our home.

“I came downstairs, I opened front side door and its like the spot exploded. I tried to get back in — it was also hot, inch Patterson informed Channel 2’s Tony Betty. “I could not get back within because the fire came about and it came up the stairs. I did everything I could. ”

Patterson in addition to neighbors and then tried on the surface to get to the family, but the flames were also intense.

“Me and my neighbor, we got a shovel and we proceeded to go and out of cash the back glass on the back again door as well as the heat was just so much there was absolutely no way we could back, ” this individual said.

Firefighters say also they couldnt go into the house at first since the fire had been so intense.

Patterson came back to the house on Thursday. Neighbors introduced him shoes or boots and clothes as they attempted to comfort your pet.

“Theyre deceased, I couldnt save these people. I tried out. I attempted to save these people, I attempted, ” Patterson said. “They were the very best family anybody could ever have got. ”

Buddies and church members gathered at Tucker United Methodist Church, the location where the Pattersons went to church, in order to pray for that family.

Friends say the family was very involved in the cathedral, and Kathy was recognized in the Tucker area with regard to leading many dance troupes in area congregations.

“Just full of life, and the girls have been so treasured and offered hugs to people who arrived to the sanctuary, ” friend Laurie Golding said.

Researchers say simply no foul play is thought in the blaze. They believe this started in the first-floor lounge room near a power powered lying couch that was located across from the fireplace. The flames quickly spread towards the second flooring through a warmth return vent and a mechanical/HVAC closet.

Fire crews also found the family dog dead within the home Wed morning.

“Firefighters buried your dog in the backyard as a tv show of respect because of the overwhelming loss sustained with the family.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and friends of the patients during this difficult time, ” the fire department said in a statement.

Friends usually are hoping to raise money for that Patterson family members. CLICK HERE for particulars.



Group Of Unarmed Texas Teen Chance By Policeman Calls For ‘Fair’ Investigation

Posted by Thomas on February 25, 2016
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Your family of the south florida teenager fatally shot by an Austin texas police officer will be demanding a complete and fair investigation to their sons loss of life.

Brian Joseph, 18, was photo and wiped out by authorities Monday early morning, authorities said. His death has puzzled his loved ones, who discovered on Thursday that the teen was south florida and undressed when he was fatally hurt.

Our family is devastated today from the loss of our own beloved boy and brother, David. We have been shocked in addition to saddened he was extracted from us within an unexpected in addition to violent way, and are struggling to understand exactly how our child was taken from us by the authorities, Josephs family said inside a statement acquired by NBC News.


People Are Doing Anything To Reunite Asylum Cat Together With His Family

Posted by Thomas on February 24, 2016
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A cat named Dias have been through greater than many people have got in a lifetime — plus hes nevertheless waiting for their happy finishing.

Dias soon after he landed within Greece. Amy Shrodes

Dias made it the boat journey from War to The european countries during the asylum crisis, but he still needs aid — plus Ashley Anderson is determined to own impossible.

Last fall, Anderson — an American now situated in Switzerland — volunteered to spend months on the island of st. kitts of Lesvos pulling people from the waters of the Mediterranean as they arrived in record-breaking amounts from Syria, Afghanistan in addition to Iraq.

They had lost their homes, their nations. They risked their life. They introduced with them only what they can carry.

Volunteers, which includes Anderson, make an effort to swim to be able to help people jumping off a new sinking motorboat. Doug Kuntz

Greece is the main getting place for individuals trying to get refuge in Europe. In a single little boat was a family members fleeing Mosul, Iraq, a city now controlled by the militant extremist sect, typically the Islamic Express of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

With them must have been a little white colored cat. This particular family most likely paid hundreds and hundreds to get a location for themselves with this rubber motorboat — even infants necessary a fee, Anderson told The Dodo. They will cared enough about this cat to bring [him] with them.

A you are not selected doing a lookout into the marine for motorboats coming into Greek waters. Ashley Anderson

When the motorboat carrying family members came on land, the kitty panicked and jumped on the beach and ran away to hide.

For several refugees, the particular landings were hectic. Some people fainted if they reached the shore, Anderson said. Other people were frantic to rush to settle and commence new comes from new nations around the world. There were regular rumors regarding borders closing, Anderson said. People were genuinely scared theyd have nowhere to go.

Despite this chaos, your family who had nowhere to be found their much loved cat searched hours, nevertheless they couldnt locate him anywhere.

They realized that they had to go on without having him.

Graffiti written outside the camping Moria, exactly where Diass loved ones had to follow they dropped him. Ashley Anderson

But three days afterwards, the white cat reappeared, hungry plus haggard, at a local coffee shop volunteers like Anderson frequented. But the loved ones had already left the island. For weeks, the white-colored cat stayed at the restaurant, among the worn out volunteers.

Amy Shrodes

One day, Anderson was speaking with her buddy Amy Shrodes about the cat who had misplaced everything. Anderson said that following the months associated with witnessing typically the trauma plus suffering of the refugees, might be we required a positive story.

Beds volunteers laid out with regard to victims associated with drowning. This shows to me the severity of the possibilities people are using to come, Anderson said. They may be risking their particular lives to have a chance from living. Ashley Anderson

Amy produced a comment like, We ought to just attempt reunite your pet with his loved ones. And I was just like, Lets undertake it! Both of all of us were just like, why not try?

Dias secure after his veterinarian go to. He fell asleep encounter down, exhausted, Anderson mentioned. Ashley Anderson

However, not everyone was thus convinced that finding a cats family was a worthwhile effort.

Another good friend of Andersons, who does goedkoop to help political refugees, was almost offended that she had been spending a lot time and energy on a cat.

Amy Shrodes

I had been like, This is something we are able to do. Nothing is impossible. Later the power to perform something.

A volunteer-run foods line about Lesvos. Your family most likely went through one of these just before they left the island, Anderson said. Ashley Anderson

Amid typically the chaos, Anderson started taking care of tracking down your family who could be almost anywhere in Europe. Have been pretty sure these people made it towards the country they were trying to go, but all of us dont realize where which is, she reported.


Financing, Healthcare Applications Not As Protected As Buyers Think

Posted by Thomas on February 23, 2016
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(RNN) : A recent record from a software security business suggests people confidence in apps which hold sensitive health and financial details is greater than the security those programs provide.

The2016 State associated with Application Safety surveyfromArxanfound eighty six percent associated with mobile wellness apps these people tested had at least a pair of the ten most critical security risks. That includes apps the Food and Medication Administration got approved.

Right now there were92 per cent of mobilepayment and financial apps of which had similar security dangers. The study made up 71 of the top health care applications plus 55 of the top finance applications in america, Britain, Australia and Asia.

The security zone could allow hackers of stealing money, health records, private information or alter medication medication dosage without a patients knowledge.

There is a disparity in how many people are aware of the weaknesses. Eighty per cent of selected users sensed their apps were secure. Many people think a mobile phones built-in security is enough to guard against risks from down loaded content, but thats usually not true.

Countless programsfreely accessible in app retailers have made it less difficult for criminals to hide their own activity or even imitate reputable companies.

These types of apps stayed behind information centers years back, and now theyre out in the particular wild, Arxan cybersecurity professional StephenMcCarney said. Security must follow an software, no matter where this resides.

Businesses tend to invest the bulk of their security budget into their pc networks and make apps an afterthought. At least half thecompanies reviewed within an IBM Security-Ponemon Institute research spent no money at all about app safety.

That could depart open a wide door regarding thieves given that attacks on apps take into account 84 percent of cybercrime, according to the Forbes record.

McCarney stated their polling found most people who understand their health or finance apps are notsecure would be willing switch to another provider.

But with numerous companies facing similar problems, they could operate from one issue into an additional.

Patrick Kehoe, Arxans key marketing officer, said healthcare and finance companies, developers and regulators need to work together to create standards.

[Regulators] are outlining what procedure for take, yet holding back on what is required to require placing that around the organizations by themselves, Kehoe said. Security has to be a mixture of guidelines, minimum requirements and businesses focusing on research and posting information.

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