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Edward Jones

What You Should Know Founded in 1922, Edward Jones is known as a leading financial services company in the world. As a matter of fact, it landed as the 4th best company to work for, according to the 2014 annual listing of Fortune Magazine. With St. Louis, Missouri as its head office location, it takes pride of working with about 7 million clients all across the world. The company serves investment clients both in Canada and the United States. With a total of 38,015 US employees, its branch network is situated in more than 11,000 locations. On the other hand, it employs 1,917 people outside the United States.

When it comes to its salary or compensation, it depends on the job function or title. A senior programmer analyst is expected to receive a total compensation of $89,594. Meanwhile, the total compensation for an hourly position as a branch office administrator is $35,264.The company markets free-based and commission-based financial products. Its focus is on small business owners and individual investors.

Have Bad Credit? is the Financial Service for You

Having bad credit can be hard enough, but trying to find a loan or other financial services with less than great credit can seem nearly impossible. Even though everyone struggles with their credit at times, many loan services do not accept applicants with poor credit. Go Credit understands that no one is perfect, so they are here to provide you with a variety of services from car and personal loans to services that help to decrease your existing debt and increase your credit score.

Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get a personal loan. Financial stress comes in many different forms regardless of your credit score, and sometimes you need a loan to help resolve unforeseen issues. Most companies are quick to deny people with less than perfect credit, but Go Credit is not one of those dismissive companies. They will work with you and try their best to find a loan that suits your needs, no matter your credit score. Their application is online and easy to fill out as well as 100% secure and confidential for your complete protection. Go Credit offers a wide variety of loans, from short-term payday loans that provide you with quick cash to larger personal loans that can help you pay off some of your debt to get you back on your way to a good credit score.

Go Credit also offers great car loans for people with bad credit. Everyone needs transportation, but getting a car loan can be incredibly difficult. The car loan process can be so discouraging that you may find yourself questioning whether you even want to buy a new method of transportation! Don’t fret, Go Credit is here to help you get the car you want and need.

Accumulating debt can happen much more quickly than you realize, and sometimes you need help managing it. This is where Go Credit Financial can help you. In addition to their many loan services, Go Credit offers debt consolidation and management. Whether you are struggling with student loans, car payments, a mortgage, credit cards, or some other form of debt, Go Credit’s debt consolidation compiles all of your bills into one monthly payment that allows you to make progress with paying off your debt. No more payments slipping through the cracks, and no more payments that don’t help your credit score! With Go Credit, you will have better credit in no time.

Other financial services are not helpful to those with bad credit, but Go Credit is different. Go Credit understands that everyone has tough times where they need a little extra money. This is why they offer their wonderful financial services to everyone, even people without good credit. Go to their website now to fill out a simple and confidential application to get a quick approval!

Intuit Offers Great Benefits to Employees

When looking for employment at a great financial software firm, look no further than Intuit. This growing company ranks #8 on Fortune’s list of Best Companies to Work For in 2014, and their spot in the top ten is well-deserved. Intuit gained attention with their easy to use softwares, such as Quicken and TurboTax, and they met this need with an increase in employees. Within the past year they have increased their number of full time employees by 4.4%. Many of these new employees were able to spend their first month with the company simply growing accustomed to the new environment and did not receive an assignment for several weeks. Intuit also emphasizes the importance of their employees’ health with onsite gyms and fitness centers as well as subsidized gym memberships for employees who choose to exercise away from company property. The headquarters of Intuit are located in the heart of technology development, Silicon Valley, and feature beautiful grounds with a sleek, modern interior. Working at Intuit seems like an ideal situation for anyone looking to work in information technology.

Robert W. Baird & Co.

Robert W. Baird’ & Co. provides wealth management, investment banking, asset management & private equity service to individuals, corporate clients and financial institutions. Other services offered include M&A advisory, investment management, equity underwriting, research and private equity placements.

With over 2,600 employees, the company has offices in Europe, United States and Asia. This is one amongst the largest privately-held full-service investment companies in U.S. The company manages and overseas more than $101 billion in the client assets.

The company targets industries including industrial, technology, consumer goods, life sciences, healthcare, real estate, financial services and manufacturing.

Baird Company was founded in the year 1919 and has about 2,704 US employees. The company offers 84 new jobs each year and has a voluntary turnover of 7 %.


The company was recognized as one amongst ‘FORTUNE’ 100 ‘Best Companies to Work’ for 10 consecutive years; 2004 to 2012. In the year 2012, it was ranked 21.

Baird was also recognized for four years by ‘Acquisitions Monthly’ in Europe, including ‘support services adviser award’ in the year 2011.

Baird received ‘Deal of the Year’ recognitions from M&A Advisory for seven years; 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Quicken Loans

Quicken loans is one of the best paying American companies. On a recent research, it was ranked the best 5th company to work for in the year 2014. Previously the company was ranked 13th and has stayed on the Google’s best list for 11 years now. Quickens loans is the number one American company offering online loans to millions of American to help finance their homes.

The company was founded in the year 1985 and its headquarters are in Detroit Michigan. It is a private organization company that makes it easy for people to buy or refinance their homes quickly.

The company offers over 2000 new jobs every year to American citizens. On a recent job application in Detroit that required 500 people, 2500 people ended up applying. Quicken loans are helping stop the brain drain in Michigan by offering the employees the best working conditions. The ratio in the job categories shows their diverse when employing with 465.62% being women and 23% being minority group.

For those seeking the best working conditions or seeking the best financial solutions, then Quicken loans is the company to look out for.