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Friendship Day Special: Listen To These Popular Songs With Your Pals [VIDEOS]

Posted by Thomas on August 31, 2015
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Pals do not require a day to reveal their love, however Friendship Day brings them more detailed. On every first Sunday of August, the day is celebrated as Relationship Day and this year it is on 2nd of the month.

Here are some tracks dedicated to relationship.


The Leading Tech Writer In The Caribbean

Posted by Thomas on August 30, 2015
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  • Date of Publication: 08.01.15.
  • Time of Publication: 7:00 am.

The Leading Tech Author in the Caribbean

View of Picard, Dominica. Molly McHugh

The rats are staringlooking at me. A minimum of 10 of them, spread on the hill. It’s dark, however I can see their silhouettes lining the trash-piled path. It’s almost 90 degrees, and I can smell them, too. They stand in between me and the after-work beer I desperately require.

A year ago, the rats would have won. I ‘d have reversed and gotten back to my home on a dirt road in Dominica, overwhelmed, tired, overheated—— praying the power was still working so I would a minimum of have lights and perhapsperhaps even cooling.

But not now. Now, I’m an old pro. My pockets are full of pennies, my fingers prepared to launch them like rockets. I take a deep breath and I trudge up rat hill, flinging this copper currency I once considered worthless at their yellow eyes. Ping! Pow! Plunk.

Rat hill. Molly McHugh

From my method, rats, Number One Tech Press reporter in the Caribbean requires a beverage. Tomorrow, I leave this strange, beautiful jungle I’ve called home and go back to the US. After tomorrow I will certainly work in a workplace; I will use trousers and not purchase electrical power with my groceries. However this evening, for one last time on this island, little rats, I drink.

Out of My Aspect

I transferred to the West Indies from the West Coast of the US about a year back. I followed my significant other when he was accepted to a medical school here. I had that luxury because I work for ~ * ~ ^ * ~ The Internet ~ * ~ ^ * ~. And all an Internet-worker like me requireshas to work every day is Wi-Fi and electricity. So, armed with my 27-inch second screen, a primary and a backup laptop, I left my life in the Pacific Northwest and visited Dominica.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is an independent Caribbean nation, understood for its wild natural landscape. If I was envisioning working from a Sandals resort for a year, what I found was a place far more wonderful and far more wild. Luxuries like stop lights, an adequate garbage system, and a great deal of innovations that I made use of to not even think about simply aren’t available right here. Many individuals long for this sort of unplugged living, a total escape from the rigamarole of suburban life in numerous parts of America. And for the first few weeks on Dominica, I enjoyed the disconnection the island managed me. However I wasn’t on getaway. As I triedattempted to proceed with my job and my life as it had been in the United States, the absence of the features which I as soon as considered given was a significant difficulty.

I have discovered here how valuable fresh milk can be; that it’s possible to modify an iPhone 6 evaluation in the middle of a cyclone as long as you have your dependable Nokia brick phone; that though the Web is sort of all over, you can still be isolated from it when the facilities to support connection is not reputable; and above all, that rats and rains, blackouts and boa constrictors, and pin worms and pangs of homesickness can be beat.

I’m back in my island apartment now, packing to leave tomorrow. Paying attention to the rain pound the jungle outside, I believe about how unusual this year has been. In numerous ways, my days were very much the very same as other digital reporter. However it’s the details that made the last year of my life so different from that of my buddies back house. Alarm? No, I woke when the bird nest outside my window started making “morning sounds. I made coffee on a stove-top pot because it would work even in storms and electrical interruptions. When I went to the grocery storesupermarket, I purchased more than food: I likewise purchased electricity. When I made call, I either used Google or paid expensive quantitiestotal up to call from a Nokia brick that I boughtpurchased my town’s singular shop—— a living room I ‘d describe as”hoarder’s yard sales” stylish.

When the Internet headed out at my apartment, I had not been able to just go to the beach and unwind. I ‘d relocate. In some cases to the mobile devices that made up manythe majority of the medical school. (If there was a typhoon, I ‘d work in the school’s storm shelter.) Other times I ‘d simply visit a friend’s apartment or condo who still had power or Web.

Again, and again, individuals—— not some constructed system or piece of innovation—— would conserve me. And when you think about it, that’s not a bad pattern to fall under nowadays. Most of my pals were from the expat neighborhood; because my town was so focused around the school, mostthe majority of its population was made upconsisted of people who were affiliated. Besides medical students, there were other transplants here for a range of factors: A couple of worked at the day care or elementaryprimary school, but more were spouses and partners of medical students. We were joined by our connection to this odd mix of elements, in a location that manythe majority of us never ever thought we ‘d check out—— not to mentioned call house. What I rapidly realized was various about my situation and theirs was the whole 9-5 job thing.

Island Time is an extremely, extremely actual condition, where hours and days drift by without any schedule or structure to mark them. Most of my pals adjusted to island time quickly, gratefully. I was the strange one: lugging a laptop around everywhere, asking for Wi-Fi passwords, firmly insisting on being back from trips by Monday at 8 am Whenever a new good friend would ask “exactly what do you do?” I suched as to state I was head of WIRED’s Caribbean editorial department (technically true). My response yielded absolutely nothing short of, “Wait, however what do you actually do?”

Because, of course, how could I perhaps run a group of tech reporters from here? And moreover, why would I?

Preparation, Prep work, Prep work

The first thing you need to be a tech writer from the island of Dominica is adequatesuffices electrical energy to keep the Web on. I learned this in my 2nd week on the island, when on a Sunday, I found out that our electrical energy was running low. OK, I believed, exactly what now? Well, it ended up that in Dominica, you buy electrical energy like you would telephone minutes or a data plan. Many stores allow you to request, state, $200 EC (ought to last about a month). Around 2pm, I understood I would not make it through the next day without upping the supply. I strolled to every electrical energy sales representative (the shop, the school, the minimart one town over) asking if they would sell me electrical energy, only to be given the very same refrain.

“We’re out.”

How is that possible?! And as my lights and fridge and Web went dark the next day, I acknowledged, truly, just how much I have actually constantly taken the most typical innovations around me for given. I packed my backpack and moved to powered ground for the very firstvery first time. It would not be the last.

I believeconsider this as I put a pair of previously green, now brown shoes into my suitcase. They remind me of one morning a few months earlier when all that stood between me and work was a giant, unmoving cow. With huge horns.

Molly McHugh

It’s 8:15, and the sun is currently beating down on me. I can feel my un-sunscreened flesh burning and my thin t-shirt drowning in sweat from the 15 minute walk. My knapsack is filled with the fundamentals: Laptop computer, charger, headsets, converter, mosquito repellent, sun block, iPhone, Nokia brick phone, each phone’s particular charger, and 2 filled water bottles.

Requirement WIRED gear, right?

My Wi-Fi headed out that early morning therefore there I am on the long path (properly called Moo Cow Trail) to my pal’s home. It is rocky, dirty, and uneven; I must have worn tennis shoes however in my haste I slipped on shoes, an option my ankles are sorry for.

I check out the cow’s eyes to see if he’ll give. But no, he is confident and, I realize a second later, ready to knock me off the trail if I come too close. I clamber up the side of the road, closer to the river, adding a couple of minutes to the walk to avoid the bovine trail guard.

As I position those very same shoes into my bag, I look down at my sun-browned feet and try to comprehend how it’s possible that come next week I will be sitting in a genuine workplace in San Francisco, in actual clothing, at a genuine desk.

Going to work every day here has actually been like living an odd double life. When I passed that cow and made it to * The Internet, * I right away went into a different world: the insular tech market and even more insular tech-journalism neighborhood. Because world, everything is ingenious, quick, hassle-free—— the reverse of Island Time. But even as I was as far away from the truth of Silicon Valley as you could be, it was the wonders of technology that let me keep working (Facebook, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts and Voice, Messenger, WhatsApp, VPNs, iMessage—— the freaking Internet, guy!)—— the very things I wrote about every day.

LearningDiscovering how to Hoard Food

When people ask me what the most tough part of living in the Caribbean has actually been, I do not pause. I do not blink. I do not stutter: food.

When I get to San Francisco next week, the first thing I’m going to consume is cheese. The next thing is bread. And then probably more cheese.

There are 3 real, legitimate grocery storesupermarket on the island, and just one was possible for me to get to in less than 4 hours. If you ever saw me there, you ‘d think I was a prepper. I learnedlearnt how to buy four jugs of yogurt and freeze some in case none revealed up for 2 months. On every trip I weighed the danger of ruined food (which I would most likely wind up eating anyhow) versus the chances a shipment delay resulted in the inability to buy any at all.

And it’s not like I knew when the food was revealing up, either. I had to watch. Every day, I followed the exact same food regimen. Initially, in the morning, I checked among the numerous neighborhood Facebook groups to try to find news on a delivery, which were haphazard and irregular regarding their contents. Every day, I ‘d scan the group: Was there frozen fruit? Was lettuce provided? Were there black beans? And the supreme concern: Was there a dairy products delivery!? If the response to any of these questions (however especially the last!) was yes, I ‘d throw on my huge knapsack, and walk-run to the shop. I knew that time was of the essence: If there had indeed been a decent-to-large delivery, that place was going to look like a Best Purchase on Black Friday.

A lizard electrocuted by my adapter. Molly McHugh

The issue was that shop workers unstock while customers are shoppinglooking for reasons unbeknownst to me, and a sort of crowd-and-grab technique is deployed in order to be sure you get one of the 40 or so pieces of zucchini that will not come back for a minimum of a month. Once something is gone, it’s actually gone. (There was a dark duration at one point where deliveries were delayed four weeks; a neighborhood meeting/witch hunt with the grocery storesupermarket managers had a panicky, riotous air to it.)

I will certainly attemptattempt to slow my roll when I return to the States, but I now approach grocery buying like a fight sport, so if you see me in the aisles of Trader Joe’s, be alerted.

Overcoming Homesickness

There were numerous times I broke. When somebody stole my shoes off my porch, I broke. When I went on a 10-hour hike, forgot a flashlight, and ran into a giant boa constrictor, I broke. When pals and familyfamily and friends would post photosphotos of what they were doing back home while I suffered long, boring days where it was too sticky-hot to go outside, I broke.

Even with the charm of the island around me, having a 9-5 job still based on the very various world of United States tech journalism kept me stretched in between my old and brand-new life. It kept me from immersing myself entirely in Island Time and Island culture. It kept me from releasing. I missed driving. I missed out on utilizing my mobile phone outside of Wi-Fi zones. I missed satisfyingmeeting friends easily.

On Dominica, as soon as we all leave our apartment or condos, it seems like entering a black hole, where you just hope you’ll appear in the respective, picked place, and your buddies would be there. There is no iMessage game of “how close are you?” to be played. I learned that Facebook was the most crucial way to be in contact with buddies on the island. Everything hasneeds to be prepared. You cannot just take place upon a program to binge-watch with your friend on some random Saturday since you have to take procedure to get and order or stream a program. There are some regional channels, however unless I was in the mood for raunchy music videos or church TV, they seldom hit the areamade a hit. So to watch TV, initially you need a VPN to leave Dominica’s limited streaming brochures and if it’s live TV you want, mainly you require an excellent dosage of luck.

But, paradoxically, it was this attention to plotting my everydaylife that lastly offered me a sort of presentness that individuals looking for island living commonly desire. What I discovered is that presentness is more than simply “living in the now.” Living in the now would be to give incatch my lethargic sense of passiveness. Instead, I needed to actively work at making certain my time was valuable, that it was more than pining to go house. Right here, I needed to work at making a life. And I did. My friends and I kept notebooks outlined with our activities for the month, annotated with contact number of motorists and crudely drawn maps. We planned.

Emerald pool. Molly McHugh

Leaving the Island

Recently, I sold nearly everything I possessed on Island Craigslist. Other than, let me discuss: Island Craigslist isn’t really Craigslist—— it’s a Facebook group called Craigslist where neighborhood members conserve and exchange products for cash. I have actually now loaded what I require and nothing else into these two now-crammed travel suitcases. My old T-shirts and extra hair shampoos were bought with pleasure, because you can’t quickly get those things.

I am equivalent parts thrilled and worried about going home. The island compelled me from my comfort zone, and I understand now that I will miss it dearly.

I have actually been able to put on ratty tanks and fitness center shorts “to work”; I literally rolled out of bed 15 minutes before “going to” the office (my kitchen), where I sat barefoot and barefaced behind my laptop computer. I’ve worked from ocean-side bars, good friends’ houses, ferries, and 4 nearby islands. (And likewise from many, lots of hallway floors when Internet or electricity was limited.) My time has actually been really much my own. While the contents of my workplace, those housed digitally in Hipchat and WordPress and Gmail and Outlook, continued to be intense and properly demanding, all I would do is search for and be quickly advised how sluggish and quiet and singular the world can be. When I was head-down, staring into “my workplace,” I might nearly hear the humming whir of it, the continuous, comforting buzz of a workplace. Look up, and everything went silent.

When I watched out my window, I saw fields, cows, ocean, dirt, trees, mountains. Often a person would walk by, or a vehicle on the one-lane roadway roared music as it sped past. I know that when I search for and around me in San Francisco, it will certainly be harder to discover this calm, to in fact different myself, to offer my brain a break. On the island, the actual minute I strolled outdoors my home, my iPhone ended up being nothing more than an electronic camera I might play Dots on or listen to my pre-installed iTunes library. I was detached. AFK had a truer significance for me. And there were individuals who weren’t only crucial to residing in Dominica, but ended up being truly special to me: Havis, who would sit at a trailhead and await hours up until I returned from a walk, telling me, “I desirewish to wait right here to make sure you get house securely.” Betsy, who knew everything about her native fruit and vegetables, being so patient with me asking her now how precisely does one cook breadfruit …? Also, what is breadfruit?

However I will certainly likewise feel part of my old world once more, a place where my pals have work schedules too—— and thus want to see me around stated schedules! I will no longer be the odd one typing incessantly, glancing as much as claim I shared in a minute. Whenever there is a birthday or a brainstorm or a “needed to exist” minute in the office, I will, finally, be there again. I will not need to turn down occasion invites, or discuss why I can’t really go see that cool new thing in actualreality. I won’t forget what my coworkers’ faces resemble, or try and match the voices in conference calls to their names (or even worse yet, wait for the pause and insert my voice—— oh god, how I miss facial cues!). I will once again experience the camaraderie of actually being there, something I might have never realized the value of before this year.

I have actually made it work. I have actually utilized everything technology has actually put at my disposal to “be” as “there” as possible, and I’ve found the value in not existing, too. But it’s time to return, to toss my Nokia, to sit at a table with my coworkers, to make use of an information plan and text individuals even when I don’t have WiFi.

It’s time to place on trousers, get on the bus, and go to work.

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Next Osceola Modern Goal: Fiber And Textiles, Partnership With MIT

Posted by Thomas on August 29, 2015
Tech / Comments Off on Next Osceola Modern Goal: Fiber And Textiles, Partnership With MIT

Instead of sensors, the next high-tech contract hunt will certainly be intended atfiber and fabrics. And UCF is seeking a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Its part of the effort to build theFlorida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center in Osceola County.


Family Holds Peace Rally After 4-year-old Lady Shot In Drive-by Shooting

Posted by Thomas on August 28, 2015
Family / Comments Off on Family Holds Peace Rally After 4-year-old Lady Shot In Drive-by Shooting

Pray for her, she is battling. Shes fighting hard, the woman’s grandma Kakeitha Hummons said. This is outrageous. All of us ought to be outraged as a community.”

See this story

Homeowners said the city needs to reclaim the streets to guarantee the security of the children.The kid thats been shot could have been anybodys child, and as long as we are quiet we are compliant and letting them think this is OK, worried father and mother Jamile Collins said.Authorities stated the 4-year-old girl was struck by a roaming bullet in a drive-by shooting in front of an apartment or condo building on Ridgeway Avenue.Hummons said she dropped off her granddaughter to go shopping with her godmother.I lost my heartbeat. My first child, thats my very first youngster, the woman’s

mother, Deaisha Hummons, said.Residents stated after the woman was shot Thursday night the automobile drove toward

Carplin Place and Hale Opportunity. No one has come forward concerning the shooting and no one has actually been arrested.The silence. The silence angers me the most because this person, these people are

still on the streets, Collins said.People collected at the scene of the shooting Saturday for a peace rally.It’s just heartbreaking that somebody would choose a circumstance where a child ends up shot in the head, concerned parent Courthney Calvin said.Our children need to know they deserve something. They need to understand theyre beautiful, they count, they matter, they have dreams, theyve got a future, Pastor Peter Mingo said.The little woman’s household stated they are holding out hope for more than justice.Shes still right here, and shes breathing on her own and were going to be strong for her, “Kakeitha Hummons said.Neighbors said staying quiet is staying certified. Any individual with info about the shooting is asked to call

CrimeStoppers at 513-352-3040. Cops stated this is the 2nd kid in less than a month to be shot in Avondale.Six-year-old China Kinebrew was shot

over Fourth of July weekend. That shooting happened on Harvey Opportunity near Hale Opportunity. China was riding her bike when she was shot.Police stated they believe the shooter was attempting to shoot a relative of China’s. China continues to recover at Kid’s Health center.

Officials said she has lost vision in one eye.No arrests have been made in that shooting either.


Dive Team, Water Patrol Search Popular Twin Cities Lake For Missing Swimmer

Posted by Thomas on August 27, 2015
Popular / Comments Off on Dive Team, Water Patrol Search Popular Twin Cities Lake For Missing Swimmer

Rescue groups searched a Little Canada lake Saturday afternoon for a male swimmer who went missing.

The Pioneer Press says the male was tryingaiming to swim throughout Gervais Lake with another guy Saturday around 3:30 pm when he disappeared.

Sgt. John Eastham with the Ramsey County Sheriffs Workplace told BringMeTheNews the person was not found Saturday. The search is suspended over night for the safety of the divers and those in the boat, and is anticipated to resume Sunday early morning, he stated.

The city of Little Canada, on its site, says the lake is heavily utilized for swimming during the summertime – but keeps in mind that due to budget cuts, no lifeguards are on duty at the beach.


Hot DogHotdog! Celebration Brings Back Popular ‘Monarch’

Posted by Thomas on August 26, 2015
Popular / Comments Off on Hot DogHotdog! Celebration Brings Back Popular ‘Monarch’



Oklahoma Teenagers Officially Charged With Killing Family

Posted by Thomas on August 25, 2015
Family / Comments Off on Oklahoma Teenagers Officially Charged With Killing Family

2 Oklahoma teenagers have been formally charged with killing 5 household members following a horrific attack in their home in an upscale suburb of Tulsa.

Robert Bever, 18, and his 16-year-old sibling were jailed after their parents and three of their siblings were found stabbed to death in Broken Arrow on July 22. The teenagers were formally charged on Friday as grownups, reported NBC affiliate KFOR.


Roddy Piper, Popular Wrestler And Action Star, Passes Away

Posted by Thomas on August 24, 2015
Popular / Comments Off on Roddy Piper, Popular Wrestler And Action Star, Passes Away

Among wrestling’s all-time terrific villains has actually passed away.

Roderick Toombs, understood around the globe as ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, died Friday at his home in Hollywood, California. He was 61.

The unofficial cause of death is stated to be heartheart attack.

Though he was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Piper highlighted his Scottish heritage and would be billed from Glasgow, Scotland. He would commonly pertain to the ring putting on a kilt and his trademark Hot Rod t-shirt, and playing a bagpipe.

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon tweeted the following statement:

Roddy Piper was among the most amusing, controversial and bombastic entertainers ever in WWE, beloved by millions of fans around the world. I extend my deepest acknowledgements to his family.

Piper began his fumbling career at age 15. In the numerous decades that followed, Piper would fight with the leading good menheros anywhere he went. When wrestling on the West Coast for the National Fumbling Alliance, Piper took on the famous Guerrero household. When he came east to the Mid-Atlantic promo, Piper feuded with the likes of Jack Brisco and Ric Flair. He battled Greg The Hammer Valentine in a pet dog collar match at the extremelyprimary Starrcade occasion.

Pipers star skyrocketed when he joined the then World Wrestling Federation, drawing jeers for blasting Jimmy Snuka with a coconut throughout an interview section. He likewise major evented the first WrestleMania, teaming with Paul Orndorff to deal with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.

When he wasnt teasing crowds or challengers in the fumbling ring, Piper took on functions in such cult classics as They Live and Hell Concerns Frogtown. It was in the previous movie he said an expression now etched into popular culture: I am here to kick a and chew bubble gum. And I am all out of bubble gum.

After years of being reviled, the crowds began to like Pipers antics and acerbic wit, prompting the WWF making him an excellent persona hero. Even when he triedattempted to be a bad guy, crowds just declined to boo the male.

In 2005, Piper was enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame. WWE also named him wrestlings greatest villain, ahead of greats like The Million Dollar Male Ted DiBiase, Ric Style and The 4 Horsemen, Super star Billy Graham, and Bobby Heenan.

After Pipers retirement, combined martial arts star Ronda Rousey handled the nickname Rowdy after getting Pipers blessing to do so.