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Posted by Thomas on December 31, 2016


Music And Science Education Collaboration At Auburn Produces Sweet Noises

Posted by Thomas on December 20, 2016
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In a special collaboration in between College of Education professors L. Octavia Tripp and Nancy Barry, elementary education students have been engaged in an ingenious interdisciplinary task that incorporates science and music through imaginative, hands-on lessons.Tripp, who specializes in science education, joined Barry, whose focus is in music education, to provide professional development in science and music integration to a friend of pre-service teachers. After a series of demonstration lessons, the pilot job culminated with the Auburn students developing their own lessons integrating science and music, and mentor those lessons to children in a partner public school laboratory.

“We used a range of approaches to not only make music, but also to teach the students about pitch, the musical scale, wavelength, frequency and amplification,” said Barry. “All the instruments, some of which we made in class, would be proper for primary education lessons.”

In addition to Pan Pipes, glasses tuned with various levels of water to produce various pitches, and whirling musical tubes, one of the instruments the students utilized were Boomwhackers, which are light-weight, hollow, color-coded plastic tubes that are tuned to musical pitches based on their length.

“With Boomwhackers, shorter tubes produce greater notes because the wavelength produced in the much shorter tube corresponds to a higher frequency and higher pitch,” Tripp explained. “As televisions grow longer they produce proportionately lower tones. We matched the notes for various songs to color-coded sheet music so we’ve had a lot of enjoyable playing music in class. With Boomwhackers you can go from anything as easy as Jingle Bells to symphonic music by Beethoven.”


Next Generation Science Standards-Based Assessments Are Coming. How Should Educators Prepare?

Posted by Thomas on December 18, 2016
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Assessments based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are coming to numerous states. To this day, 18 states have actually adopted NGSS. Other states have or are adopting new science requirements that are loosely based on or influenced by NGSS, as well as those states who do not adopt the new standards may see their assessments move to a more NGSS-like design.


Arts Notes: Plymouth Plans Open Mic

Posted by Thomas on December 16, 2016
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Arts notes: Plymouth prepares open mic

Arts, entertainment and other event happenings in the Sheboygan area


Accurate Facebook Posts About Zika Virus Were PlentifulAbounded But Not Popular

Posted by Thomas on December 14, 2016
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Social network is a crucial source of news for numerous Americans, however the health stories that are most popular might also be the least accurate, recommends a research study of Facebook posts about Zika virus.

In May and June 2016, a period of heavy media coverage of the Zika infection epidemic spreading in the Americas, about 4 out of five popular posts on Facebook about Zika included precise info, scientists found. But the ones including inaccurate information or conspiracy theories were much more popular on the social networking site.

What was most troubling to me was the sites or videos that are offering this false information are attemptingattempting to take the focus totally far from the problem, stated lead author Dr. Megha Sharma, a neonatal-perinatal medication fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

  • Zika syndrome: Health problemsIllness install as infants turn 1
  • CBC IN FLORIDAfrightening– and then theres Zika

Those incorrect posts may lead people to ignore accurate details about Zika infection from companies like the US Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO), Sharma told Reuters Health.

In February 2016, Zika infection was actively transferred in 30 countries, the majority of in the Americas, inning accordance with CDC, and WHO stated the break out to be of worldwide concern. By late May, the tally of nations with Zika transmission depended on 48.

Zika infections in pregnant ladies have been revealed to trigger microcephaly– an extreme birth defect where the head and brain are undersized– as well as other brain problems. The connection between Zika and microcephaly first came to light last fall in Brazil, which has actually since validated more than 2,000 cases of microcephaly.

In adults, Zika infections have actually also been linkedconnected to a rare neurological syndrome understood as Guillain-Barre, along with other neurological disorders.

For the new research study, Sharma and her colleagues browsed Facebook over one week in late June for the words Zika and infection. They then selected the 200 most popular posts from the previous month and evaluated their content. Popularity was figured out by different elements, consisting of the number of views and shares, and variety of encouraging remarks.

Spread of false information

The scientists report in the American Journal of Infection Control that 81 per cent of the top-200 most popular posts and videos on Facebook contained helpful or credible info about Zika infection. A lot of useful posts originated from news agencies, and 22 useful videos were associated to the CDC.

About 12 per cent of the posts were categorized as misleading. ManyThe majority of those posts suggested that Zika infection was a method to depopulate establishing nations or called the entire disease a scam.

If youre too late, its hard for you to catch up and combat [misinformation]-CerenBudak

While manythe majority of the 200 posts contained useful and credible info, the researchers discovered that those spreading conspiracy theories or misinformation were most popular.

The most shared trustworthy and helpful post, for example, was a video of a WHO push briefing that was viewed 43,000 times and shared by 964 Facebook accounts. The most popular post spreading false information declared Zika virus is a deceptive medical scam and was viewed over 530,000 times. That post was also shared by more than 19,600 people.

A great deal of this relates to how information is providedexists, Sharma stated. Sites that create posts with false information are frequently more in your face than those posts from the CDC and WHO, she added.

I understand that this is a really difficult concern to deal with due to the fact that there needs to be flexibility of speech and impression on social media, Sharma said. There might be a method for social networks websites to show more pertinent health information, she included.

Choosing exactly what information is and is not credible would be hard for Facebook to scale to its entire network, said Ceren Budak, an assistant teacher at the University of Michigan School of Info in Ann Arbor.

Budak, who wasnt involved in the brand-new research study, researched how to fight online false information. She approached it as a math issue, and discovered its possible if a person or company targets the right people with the correct information. Timing is crucial, however.

If youre too late, its tough for you to capture up and combat [false information], Budak told Reuters Health. The precise service is really complicated, she said.

Budak also said the new study might undervalue the spread of false information since it only evaluated popular posts. Some research recommends the spread of misinformation by people online is much greater than what the brand-new research study programs.

They just don’t actually inspect the credibility of the details, she stated. They receive and simply share it right now.

Sharma stated about two-thirds of United States grownups use Facebook and many get their news from the website. She recommends individuals follow reliable social networks channels like the CDC and WHO, and be more hesitant of other type of videos published online.


Neither Clinton Nor Trump Popular In Arab World: Poll

Posted by Thomas on December 13, 2016
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Almost half the population of the Middle East and North Africa would abstain if provided the right to vote in next weeks US governmental election, a viewpoint survey exposed on Thursday.But Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton came far ahead of her Republican opponent Donald Trump as the preferred candidate to lead the United States, which plays a crucial function in the Arab world.Out of more than 3,000 people surveyed across 18 countries

, 47 percent would snub both Clinton and Trump, if given opportunity to vote, inning accordance with the survey carriedperformed by Saudi daily Arab News and British pollster YouGov.Among those who would vote, 44 percent stated they would chooseselect Clinton, while just nine percent stated they would choose Trump, inning accordance with the results of the online survey carried out on 14-21 October.There is little interest for either candidate, however 78 percent believe Clinton would be better for the Arab world if elected as president

versus 22 percent for Trump, said YouGovs chief Stephan Shakespeare.On the dispute in Syria, 46 percent of respondents wanted Washington to put boots on the ground in the fight versus the Islamic State group, while the remaining bulk of 54 percent was againstprotested such a move.Meanwhile, 44 percent stated the incoming US president should annul the nuclear deal with Iran.But inquired about border security in their own nations and abortion, mostthe majority of the individuals appeared to share Trumps difficult stance.Ninety percent stated they did incline extra border limitations if they felt their nations security

was under hazard, while 89 percent stated abortion is never ever acceptable, other than in extreme cases, like rape or lethal situations.Omar Jamal, a 19-year-old mass interactions trainee in Lebanon, who did not take parttake part in the survey, said he does not think the candidates can bring the war in Syria or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a tranquil resolution.Trump can’t work out an offer to save his life

, and Hillary is not interested in doing so, he told MEE.Jamal explained the scandal-ridden United States election cycle as a joke.Hussein Itany, a Lebanese interactions consultant, said he prefers Trump for Middle Eastern concerns, calling him practical. He stated he does not trust Clinton, adding that while she is skilled in diplomacy, she is not simple with her intentions.I make sure for a truth for circumstancesfor example that she will back blindly two countries, Saudi Arabia and Gulf(monarchies)and Israel, he told MEE.He said Trump can leaveleaving from enduring US policy traditions.However, Itany added that Clinton has much better domestic US policies.US elections will take locationoccur on Tuesday, 8 November.


Georgia Leading Business State For 4th Straight Year

Posted by Thomas on December 12, 2016
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ATLANTA Georgia has been named the countries best state for business for the 4th year in a row by Website Selection publication.

The announcement came throughout a press conference held Wednesday early morning by Gov. Nathan Deal and other state officials.

Website Choice publication is an economic development trade publication.

Each November, Site Selection launches rankings for the leading states in which to do organisation. Georgia has actually been ranked amongst the top 10 states in Site Choices business environment rankings throughout the last decade and has actually held the top area for the last three years.

In the last 4 years, numerous small companiessmall companies have actually expanded in Georgia and numerous worldwide companies have actually developed operations here, reflecting the foundation provided to job developers, Offer said. Georgia leads the methodblazes a trail in offering companies with a low tax burden and a business-friendly environment. In return, there have been more than 575,000 personaleconomic sector jobs created because 2011.

Deal has made financial development a focus of his tenure as guv, banning several steps passed by recent General Assembly sessions that he considered as harming to the states business-friendly image. Previously this year, the legislature passed a so-called religious liberty bill, which drew the ire of numerous major Hollywood, entertainment and sports-related services due to the fact that of its viewed anti-gay bias.

Offers ban raised the ire of conservative, spiritual leaders in the state who have actually pledged to review the issue when the legislature assembles in January 2017.

Georgias 4th successive top state business climate ranking is based on where business growth tasks are happening and where financiers say they want to commit their capital for the long term, said Mark Arend, editor-in-chief of Website Choice. Our readers state the states fiscal strength, foreseeable financial and regulative environment, workforce and transportation infrastructure are their main factors for investing in Georgia.


Vigil Held For Popular Professional Athlete Who Was Shot, Eliminated

Posted by Thomas on December 10, 2016
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GREENBELT, MD (WUSA9) – More than 150 individuals gathered to remember a popular teenager gunned down in Prince Georges County over the weekend.Brian Davis was

among six people shot outside of a Halloween Celebration early Sunday morning.Brian touch a great deal of lives and its very difficult

to see him not be here, said Daviss brother-in-law, Keith Dyson. Im going to miss him. Im going to actually miss him.His good friends and familyloved ones said that the 18-year-old, who was to set to finish from Roosevelt ElderHigh school in the spring, had the world at his feet.RELATED: 2 teens eliminated, 4 others injured after shooting in Prince Georges County They lit candle lights, sang, hoped, and many sobbed. At the end of all of it, Tender Warrior Association( TWA )renamed its mentoring program after Davis.If anybody understand anything please come forward. Because this couldve been avoided. Its ridiculous and youve got a mourning

family, he said. No one wantswishes to get a call at 3 in the morning or 3:30 in the early morning and hear that type of news cause its a long enduring impact and it rocked our household to the core.Detectives likewise went to the vigil and distributed fliers offering a benefit for info causing an arrest.A 14-year-old was also eliminated that night. Police arrested and charged a 22-year-old in that case, but say theyre still searching for the person who shot Davis.