Downtown Troy Becoming Popular For New Business; Two New Stores Open

Posted by Thomas on November 25, 2014

TROY, NY– Downtown Troy has actually become a popular location for regional companies, and this weekend, two new stores opened in the downtown area.

Funcycled is an establishment offering re-purposed house design furniture had its grand opening Saturday. And Slidin Dirty is a local food truck turned dining establishment has actually also opened their doors.The area has been received well by regional businesses, which have appreciation for the location.”Troy has been actually fantastic to work with. We have actually discovered everybody to be really receptive and motivating and on our side attempting to help bring people down here. Just a great location to be and go shopping, said Sarah Trop, the owner of Funcycled.” We had sort of a soft opening and a lot of the location companies came and supported us. Troy’s great, it’s going in the right direction, and we think it’s going to remain to get betterimprove, “stated Tim Taney, the owner Slidin Dirty.Troy’s Company Enhancement District has been working to enhance the downtown’s image as businesses continue to enter the area.


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